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Can I return items?


Yes, you can. We offer you free exchange/return 14 days after receiving the goods. Just contact us by mail.

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What are the cans made of?2023-05-07T00:15:33+02:00

The cans are made exclusively of tinplate and grass paper labels. Compared to normal paper made from virgin fibers, grass paper saves 99% water and 95% CO₂ in production.

How will the goods be shipped?2022-01-28T22:38:41+01:00

We exclusively use the climate-neutral shipping service of DHL for shipping.

How can I return items?2022-02-23T13:01:39+01:00

If you want to return items, just send us an email and we will take care of it right away.

What makes the bags so sustainable?2023-05-07T00:16:31+02:00

Our refill bags always hold at least twice the filling quantity of a Tin. So you can conveniently refill them. The bags are garden compostable and plastic-free. On the compost they become food for microorganisms. A clean sweep, from start to finish, that is.

What is environmentally friendly about packaging?2021-12-25T02:28:16+01:00

Good question! We firmly believe in the credo: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Therefore, we currently offer two packages:

Cardboard cans

The chic tins are handmade and are made of cardboard. The core of the sleeve is made of recycled paper. After use, you can refill them or simply dispose of them in the paper trash. The cans are of course food safe and plastic free.

The cans are made of only one material (paper). Thus, recycling is particularly easy. The use of already recycled paper in the cans also reduces the environmental footprint. A round thing, we think.

Reclosable bags

We rely on garden compostable and 100% plastic-free bags. And they are honestly good! These high quality bags are made in the EU and become compost after 180 days. This has also been confirmed by the TÜV. And the bags are also practical to reseal. The bags are made of cellulose, paper and starch.

We fill our shipping boxes only with paper material or floppies made of corn starch. Both can be recycled and are 100% plastic free.

And what about our tea accessories? Well, here, unfortunately, possibly (recyclable) plastic is used in the packaging, so that these arrive safely at your home. Unfortunately, this cannot be done any other way at present. As part of our transparency, we show you exactly how each item is packaged on the product pages.


We pay attention to sustainability in all steps and especially the elimination of plastic wherever possible. Not everywhere we have reached where we would like to go. But be sure: we will continue to do our best to further improve the packaging materials.

How will my order be shipped?2022-04-26T13:06:36+02:00

We use the market leader DHL for shipping larger packages. We send smaller shipments cost-efficiently with Deutsche Post. When shipping with the German Post, we can unfortunately not provide you with tracking.

Whether by DHL or Deutsche Post: Shipping is guaranteed to be climate neutral.

What are the bags made of?2022-04-26T13:08:34+02:00

The bags are made of kraft paper, cellulose film, starch film and starch zipper. 100% Plastic Free & 100% Pollutant Free.

Do I need a True Tea account to place an order?2023-05-21T23:14:38+02:00

No, you can order without an account. However, an account has many advantages. You can manage all your orders through our website and collect 2 TT Points per 1 € of sales with every purchase. You can then redeem them for discounts.

Why is your company called True Tea?2022-06-02T23:20:46+02:00

The name should be program. Because we want to provide you with truly good and honest sustainable products – without compromise.

We are so serious about this promise that we have given ourselves the appropriate name. We are True Tea!

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