Better packaging for sustainable tea enjoyment

We have designed a sustainable packaging concept that conserves resources while fitting into modern tea culture. Find out everything about recycling and the benefits here.

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We believe that every company must take responsibility for its actions with regard to environmental protection. Climate change and its consequences, such as droughts, water scarcity, melting glaciers and declining biodiversity, have regrettably become part of our lives.

Let’s not close our eyes, let’s act. We have developed a packaging concept that reduces the
CO₂ footprint
of our products.

How does sustainable packaging work?

True Tea is committed to the sustainable tea trade. This is not an empty phrase, but a fundamental part of our identity. Since True Tea was founded, we have put a lot of energy into our packaging. Because these have an enormous influence on the sustainability of our teas.

Disposable plastic packaging is responsible for a lot of waste. Composites, i.e. non-detachable compounds of different materials, are also not recyclable. Our packaging is optimized for sustainability, especially for reuse and recyclability. We mainly use three types of packaging: kraft paper bags, compostable bags made of starch and paper, tinplate cans and jars.

Normally, recycling is a spiral that knows only one direction: down. High-quality raw materials are transformed into a lower-quality material in the next recycling step. Our packaging concept relies mainly on perfectly recyclable materials.

Our sustainable packaging

Tea & coffee bags

Conveniently refill your tin with our refill bags. Or simply store your tea or coffee in the bags – thanks to the practical zipper this is very easy.

The bags are plastic-free, made in Europe and garden compostable.

Icon Nachfuellbeutel True Tea
Icon Dose True Tea

tea tin

Our tea tin comes in a classic elegant look and is made of tinplate. Tinplate is a great material that can be melted down any number of times. And all this without any loss of quality.

The tin keeps your teas fresh for a long time.

Matcha glass

The demands on our matcha glass were high: it had to be stylish, practical and sustainable. Our solution: a swing glass made of high-quality borosilicate glass, made in Germany for short transport distances. The rubber seal is made of natural rubber. The glass is reusable.

Icon Matcha im Glas True Tea
Icon Teemuster Tuete True Tea

Sample bag

Try new teas inexpensively in small containers. Our sample bags are made of kraft paper and greaseproof paper layer inside. Granted, these bags do not keep the flavor fresh for as long. But in return they are 100% recyclable.

We think ahead

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Nachhaltige Verpackung True Tea
Cartons from recycled material

Our cartons are made of recycled paper and thus conserve valuable resources.

Versand True Tea
Climate neutral shipping

We ship climate neutral with DHL GoGreen or the German Post. Climate neutrality means that any emissions that are harmful to the climate are compensated for. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s a start.

Verpackung True Tea
Plastic free packaging material

We think sustainability all the way to the top. Even our adhesive tape and buffer materials do not use plastic.

But that’s not all.

Our packaging is just one step in the direction of sustainable tea trade. You want to know what else we stand for?

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