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honestly sustainable.

When you buy tea from True Tea, you are choosing not only excellent quality, but also environmental protection. Sustainability must not be a luxury. For us, sustainability is not an additional option, but always standard.

Without any marketing blah-blah and eyewash, we show you here what True Tea does for the environment.

We live in a time that is characterized by bad news. Climate targets are being missed, species are becoming extinct, and environmental disasters are on the rise. Every decision we make has an impact on the environment, however small it may seem to us.

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Founder & Owner

5 reasons against Plastic

We put our focus on offering our teas plastic-free. That’s important to us – here you can find out why.

Plastic doesn’t “go away,” it just gets smaller. Microplastics are barely visible, but the dangers for humans and the environment are enormous and manifold.

In general, recycling plastic is possible. But far too little is recycled – even in Europe. The reason: the recycling process is expensive and the result is low-quality plastic. This plastic, for example, is no longer suitable for food contact.

Plastic is not only used in reused items such as drinking cups for children. We use single-use plastic in heaps, and we use it every day. Every German citizen throws away about 40 kilos of plastic a year.

Plastics usually contain lots of chemical additives to make them suitable for their intended use. Well-known examples are plasticizers or BPA. These are repeatedly criticized.

For sure you also have plastic in your body. According to an Australian study, people unconsciously ingest about 2,000 tiny plastic particles per week. This is equivalent to the weight of a credit card.

We do without plastic wherever possible. We succeed very well in this with our packaging. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in our supply chains. We are constantly working to become even better.

Our packaging

Moldrup Oolong Holundernote in der Dose kaufen
True Tea Jun Chiyabari Schwarztee als Nachfullbeutel


Our tea caddies are made of tinplate. Tinplate is a very recyclable material – recyclability in Germany is a staggering 95%. Of course, our tins are food safe and protect the aroma of your teas optimally.


Our bags have a zipper closure. So you can always reseal them and store the tea even without a tin. They are made of cellulose, starch and kraft paper and decompose into humus in garden compost within about 120 days. Of course, the bags are 100% plastic and pollutant free.

Logistics & co.

Nachhaltige Verpackung True Tea

Cartons from recycled material

We use cardboard boxes made of recycled material and without plastic content. You can just dispose of them in the paper trash.

Verpackung True Tea

Packaging material without plastic

The packaging material is also made of 100% recyclable materials.

Parcel tape & corrugated board are made of 100% paper fiber, and the packing chips are made of starch.

Lieferung True Tea

Climate neutral delivery

The delivery is climate neutral thanks to DHL GoGreen or the German Post. Any CO₂ emissions are offset by climate protection projects.

What does it mean?


That’s how much CO₂ the packaging in our refill pouches saves compared to plastic packaging.

Not bad, right?

Active against climate change

We have taken a variety of measures to reduce ourcarbon footprint. Nevertheless, residual emissions occur along our value chain. To further reduce our impact on the environment, we plant ecologically sound trees in Germany together with our partner Planted. Reforestation, if properly addressed, is an effective way to capture climate-damaging gases. Learn more about our commitment

1% of our annual profit goes to NABU

At the end of our fiscal year, we donate 1% of our profits from that year to NABU. Our contribution is then used for conservation projects. So your purchase from True Tea does many good things.

Time until the next donation

We want to become better. Always.

Your purchase from us is a decision for good tea and more sustainable tea trade. We will always use our experience to become better. For this, you are also welcome to give us feedback or make suggestions. Thanks for this!

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