Our tea accessories

Our tea accessories

Really good tea unfolds its best character only through high-quality accessories. With us you will find everything from high quality stainless steel sieves to the finest Japanese ceramics.

Gaiwan Bailong Porzellan True Tea

Theme boxes

Our themed boxes make it easy for you to try new things. You will find everything you need for the preparation inside. Also ideal as a gift!

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Filters, Cups & More

Here you will find really good tea accessories. Tea filters, mugs, gaiwans & tea tins are just waiting to move in with you. You can always rely on us for the best quality.

Buy tea accessories online: Filter, mugs & more plastic-free and in premium quality

Kalebasse aus Flaschenkuerbis Guilherme True Tea Innen

At True Tea, we know that the right tea accessories are the key to tea happiness. A beautiful Japanese ceramic mug, a high quality stainless steel filter, beautiful matcha bowls, a gorgeous white porcelain gaiwan…

We are at your side when it comes to tea: With us you will find everything for the right preparation. We set high standards for our teas and accessory products: Sustainability, quality and authenticity are our top priorities. All our items are packaged plastic-free and are delivered climate-neutral. Do something good for yourself – with tea accessories from True Tea!

The right tea filter for you

At True Tea you have the choice between tea filters made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel and bamboo. Each material has specific advantages and properties. Depending on what your preferences are, one filter or the other is more suitable.

Borosilicate glass is heat resistant and very stable. The opening of our tea filter is a little coarser, so it is not so suitable for herbal teas. The transparent glass skillfully sets the scene for any tea. Especially fruit teas look great in it. Borosilicate glass can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Due to its high heat resistance and smooth surface, glass is an extremely hygienic and tasteless material.

Our stainless steel tea filters have finely laser cut openings, making them perfect for very fine teas such as loose herbs. Stainless steel can also be put in the dishwasher. The smooth surface is hygienically advantageous. Unlike glass, stainless steel can withstand a fall. Stainless steel is absolutely tasteless.

Bamboo tea filters are the natural ones among filters. Bamboo wood is woven into a filter. Bamboo filters must be boiled once before first use to remove any offending tastes and odors. A slight taste of its own may nevertheless remain. Bamboo filters have coarser openings and are therefore not suitable for loose herbs and other fine teas. After use, the bamboo filters must be allowed to air dry completely – otherwise there is a risk of mold. These filters will not survive a run in the dishwasher.

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7 good reasons for True Tea

  • Plastic free packaging

  • High quality teas, hand selected
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  • Cheap refill bags
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A proper tea shop

What distinguishes True Tea

Wir sind True Tea, ein Startup aus Hamburg. Unser Ziel? Richtig gute Tees direkt zu dir nach Hause geliefert – plastikfrei verpackt & klimaneutral versandt.

Faire Konditionen für dich

Wir bieten dir Tees in Nachfüllbeuteln an, denn weniger Verpackung ist besser fürs Klima und deinen Geldbeutel.

Höchste Qualität, ohne Kompromisse

Unser oberstes Ziel ist es, dir hochwertigste Tees direkt nach Hause zu liefern. Ehrlich gut und ehrlich nachhaltig.

Immer für dich da

True Tea ist mehr als ein Teashop: Umfangreiche Informationen und eine persönliche Beratung sind immer nur einen Klick entfernt.


Wir versenden klimaneutral und verpacken plastikfrei. Außerdem setzen wir uns für Aufforstung ein – weltweit und hier in Deutschland.

Frau steht in Teeplantage True Tea

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Begleite uns auf unserer Mission, eine bessere Welt zu schaffen, einen Schluck nach dem anderen. Plastikfrei verpackter Tee aus Hamburg.