Matcha Gift Box

Matcha Gift Box


With this matcha box you can make someone really happy! That someone could also be you, of course. You’ll find everything you need to make really good matcha.

Customizable & of course packed plastic-free.

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Matcha Gift Box

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You want to enjoy matcha or give the experience as a gift? Then you need some basic equipment. This includes a matcha whisk, a matcha spoon as well as a matcha bowl and of course the most important: matcha tea.

We want to make it especially easy for you and have therefore developed a premium quality matcha box for you. Everything you need is included so you can get started right away! You can customize the box according to your wishes and of course the box comes environmentally friendly and plastic-free to your home!

This is inside the matcha starter kit

Match whisk & match spoon

Each box contains a matcha whisk (chasen) with 80 bristles for whipping the matcha and a matcha spoon (Chashaku). The latter makes it especially easy for you to dose the right amount of matcha powder. You can find more details on how to prepare matcha further below. Both the whisk and the spoon are traditionally made of bamboo. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable, natural raw material and therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

The matcha tea

You can choose between two qualities of matcha tea: Japanese and Chinese Matcha. Matcha is green tea which is shaded for some time before harvesting. Then it is ground to finest powder with the help of stone mills. This is usually done with rice straw mats and causes the plants to produce more chlorophyll. As a result, the leaves become darker and the taste of the tea becomes milder and sweeter. Matcha has a very high caffeine content and is therefore often enjoyed in the morning. The elaborate production makes matcha one of the most expensive teas on earth.

The Japanese matcha “Ujicha” is grown in the district of Uji. The production of matcha has a long tradition in the region: Matcha is said to have been grown here for the first time at the end of the 16th century. The conditions are optimal: calcium-rich soils, altitudes of 250 m and frequent ground fog are a guarantee of excellent quality. This top quality matcha tastes sweet, fruity and is particularly aromatic.

Chinese matcha “Taishan” is grown in the northwestern part of Zhejiang in China. The robust-tangy matcha is cultivated In the plantation Tai Shan.

Chinese matcha “Taishan”

Japanese matcha “Ujicha”

Both types of matcha come to you in a high-quality preserving jar. The content is 30 g.

The matcha bowl

Finally, you have the choice between two different bowls.

The minimalistic, compact and monochrome bowl “Akira” comes to you in black or white (not selectable) and is made of the highest quality ceramic in Japan. It is exceedingly compact with its volume of 0.18 l.

Our bowl “Yoshiko” is also made of Japanese ceramics and with a volume of about 0.3 l much larger. Yoshiko comes in a shallow green. Special highlight: The reactive glaze makes each bowl unique. When firing the ceramics, unique patterns are created in the glaze. The lower part of the bowl is rough and particularly grippy.

Both bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Responsible entrepreneur according to Art. 8 para. 1 LMIV is:

Bean & Leaf Henrik Stamm,
Anemonenweg 11c, DE-22047 Hamburg

How to make matcha yourself

Many think making matcha yourself is difficult. Don’t be scared! This is how easy you can make matcha yourself:

  1. Take the matcha spoon and put about 2 tips of the matcha directly into the bowl
  2. Heat approx. 70 ml water to approx. 80 °C
  3. Pour a small amount of water directly into the bowl and stir the mixture using the matcha whisk until no lumps are visible and the matcha is frothy. The best way to do this is to guide the whisk in an “M” or “W” motion.
  4. Pour in the remaining water and whisk the matcha using the whisk until it’s nice and frothy – this may take 1 to 2 minutes.

Matcha is enjoyed in small quantities. Enjoy!

Preparing tea correctly: Here's how

Pssst ... Want to become a pro at making tea? With our newsletter, as a new subscriber, you will learn everything about the proper preparation and origin of your tea. And maybe there's even a gift waiting for you at the end of the newsletter.

True Tea: High quality teas, coffees & accessories from one source

True Tea is your partner when it comes to really good tea. And because good tea is only half the battle, you will also find selected accessories. Our assortment is deliberately kept small, because we only take in what meets our requirements.

We give you free advice on our range and provide you with a variety of knowledge articles - everything you need to prepare your tea properly. Chakka! 💪


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True Tea: High quality teas and accessories from a single source

True Tea is your partner when it comes to really good tea. And because good tea is only half the battle, you will also find selected accessories. Our assortment is deliberately kept small, as we only include what meets our requirements.

We give you free advice on our range and provide you with a variety of knowledge articles - everything to help you prepare tea properly. Chakka! 💪

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