Our oolongs, white & yellow teas

Our oolongs, white & yellow teas

Oolongs & white teas are only slightly oxidized leaves of the tea plant. Here you will find a selection of loose oolong & white teas in top quality – with and without flavor.

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Buy white & yellow teas and oolong online: plastic-free and in premium quality.

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Floral, soft and very special: these are our oolongs, white teas and yellow teas! Discover the variety of flavors of yellow and white tea with True Tea! We deliberately keep our assortment small and offer you the best quality. Plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging is important to us. We want to make our contribution to a more sustainable and responsible tea trade.

Our selected assortment includes excellent teas from Nepal, Vietnam, China and other countries.
Oolong teas are leaves of the tea plant, which are in the oxidation stage between black and green tea. White teas are little oxidized teas. Yellow tea, in turn, lies between white tea and oolong in the degree of oxidation. For the preparation of our white and yellow teas or oolongs we recommend our Gaiwan. Be sure to try several infusions of these teas!

Origin of the tea plant

All teas, whether black, white, yellow or green, come from the same tea plant. In the case of the tea plant, there are several species. The two “originating plants” are the Thea Sinensis and the Thea Assamica. Both species were and are crossed with each other. Thus, you get tea plant hybrids with special requirements, strengths and flavor characteristics. However, the taste of a tea also depends greatly on the method of cultivation, the place of cultivation and how the tea is processed.

Prepare white teas, yellow teas & oolongs correctly

Optimally, yellow, white and oolong teas are brewed with about 80° hot water. The water should be as soft and fresh as possible. As already mentioned, the teas are suitable for several infusions. so you can get to know the full range of taste. You can find more information about the correct preparation here.

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7 good reasons for True Tea

  • Plastic free packaging

  • High quality teas, hand selected
  • Free & climate neutral shipping from as low as €99

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  • Excellent service – for example 24/7 chat

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A proper tea shop

What distinguishes True Tea

Wir sind True Tea, ein Startup aus Hamburg. Unser Ziel? Richtig gute Tees direkt zu dir nach Hause geliefert – plastikfrei verpackt & klimaneutral versandt.

Faire Konditionen für dich

Wir bieten dir Tees in Nachfüllbeuteln an, denn weniger Verpackung ist besser fürs Klima und deinen Geldbeutel.

Höchste Qualität, ohne Kompromisse

Unser oberstes Ziel ist es, dir hochwertigste Tees direkt nach Hause zu liefern. Ehrlich gut und ehrlich nachhaltig.

Immer für dich da

True Tea ist mehr als ein Teashop: Umfangreiche Informationen und eine persönliche Beratung sind immer nur einen Klick entfernt.


Wir versenden klimaneutral und verpacken plastikfrei. Außerdem setzen wir uns für Aufforstung ein – weltweit und hier in Deutschland.

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