At True Tea you will find everything for your Matcha. Want to learn how to properly prepare Matcha? Then you’ve come to the right place! You’ll see it’s not that hard.

Matcha is green tea, which was previously shaded for a particularly long time, to then be finely grinded with stone mills Due to shading, the plant produces a particularly large amount of chlorophyll – the leaves turn an intense green color. This tea is called Tencha or shadow tea. Grinding the tea then turns it into Matcha.

Matcha is consumed whole, so the tea is not brewed and the leaves are removed afterwards. For Matcha, the powder is dissolved in water and foamed. This intensifies both the taste and the effect of the ingredients. Thus, the caffeine content is significantly higher than in a cup of coffee.

Our Matcha gift boxes contain either a Chinese or Japanese Matcha, a Matcha bowl, and a Matcha spoon and whisk. So you can get started right away!

How is Matcha made?

  1. Take the Matcha spoon and put about 2 spoon tips of the Matcha directly into the bowl
  2. Heat approx. 70 ml of water to about 80 °C
  3. Pour a small amount of water directly into the bowl and stir the mixture using the matcha whisk until no lumps are visible and the matcha is frothy. The best way to do this is to guide the whisk in an “M” or “W” motion
  4. Pour in the remaining water and whisk the Matcha with the Matcha whisk until foamy – this may take a while

How does Matcha stay fresh longer?

To keep Matcha fresh longer, store it in an airtight container in a cool place. We recommend storing it in the fridge. We pack our Matcha in jars, which optimally protects the aroma. But be sure to store the matcha in a dark place. Sunlight damages the aroma and color.

Matcha can do even more: pastries, cocktails and co.

Matcha is a popular ingredient for various cold and hot drinks, but also for example in baking. The sweet-tart flavor of Matcha adds a special twist to recipes. Try adding a spoonful of matcha to your smoothie or mojito. Yum! We have collected some of our favorite recipes for you here:

Matcha Mojito

A classic mojito with sour lime, cane sugar, rum, soda water and – you guessed it – Matcha!

Ingredients for one glass:

  • 50 ml rum
  • 1 lime (washed & organic)
  • 2-3 tsp cane sugar
  • 3 stalks mint (fresh)
  • half a teaspoon Matcha
  • Soda to fill up
  • Crushed ice or ice cubes

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Cut the lime into eight pieces and place them in a glass along with the Matcha and cane sugar. Pound the three ingredients with a pestle directly in the glass.
  2. Rub the mint against your palm several times. This releases the essential oils and intensifies the flavor. Add the mint to the glass.
  3. Add the rum and fill the glass with crushed ice. Finally, top up with soda (sparkling water).
  4. Stir well and your Matcha mojito is ready!

Matcha Iced Latte

Matcha on ice is a hit on hot days.

Ingredients for one glass:

  • 1 tsp matcha (e.g. our Ujicha or Taishan)
  • 1 tsp agave syrup or maple syrup
  • 50 ml cold water
  • 150 ml milk or milk alternative of your choice
  • Ice cubes or crushed ice

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Pour the cold water into a measuring cup and add the Matcha
  2. Blend with a hand whisk or blender
  3. Add milk and maple syrup or agave syrup and foam again
  4. Let rest for 1 minute and then serve over ice

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