Tea is a hot beverage, no question about it. But tea is also a real highlight on ice. We present you three methods of cold preparation of tea.

Feel free to try it out on a hot summer day! Iced tea refreshes and that in a natural and low-calorie way.

The classic iced tea

Suitable for: Fruit & herbal teas and redbush

Time required: Low

Fruits and herbal teas as well as redbush blends are best poured with boiling water. Follow the preparation recommendations that you will find on our packaging and on the store page.

At the end of the brewing time, pour the tea over plenty of ice cubes – this will cool down the infusion within a short time. Garnish the tea with fresh ingredients such as lime or lemon slices, strawberries or even mint. Pure refreshment, we think!

Cold Brew for classic teas

Suitable for: “Real” teas (black teas, green teas, yellow and white teas, oolongs).

Time required: Medium

You may have heard Cold Brew in the context of coffee. However, you can also make your tea using the Cold Brew method.

For this purpose we recommend our orthodox teas from the tea plant – green tea, black tea, white or yellow tea. Put the leaves in a sufficiently large filter and pour cold water on it. Let the tea steep in the refrigerator for 2 hours to overnight – the result is entirely new flavor nuances.

Orthodox teas benefit from the Cold Brew method in a special way, because the extraction with cold water leaves out bitter flavors.

Important: The Cold Brew is not suitable for herbal and fruit teas, as they can potentially have impurities. These should always be prepared with boiling water.

Ice Brew (Kōridashi) for green teas

Our hot cold tip: Be sure to try our Japanese Gyokuru Hiki in Ice Brew. Kōridashi is – you guessed it – a Japanese method and quite quick to make. To do this, simply put a larger amount of green tea than usual in a bowl and place ice cubes on top. Ready!

After one to two hours, the ice is usually melted and your Ice Brew is ready.

Refined with a little lime juice and served on ice an ideal summer drink!

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