Flavors are used in some tea blends. These round off the taste or even bring completely new nuances into play. There are a few different types of flavors that we would like to introduce to you today.


The first form is simply classified as “flavor” on the ingredient list. These are produced by chemical synthesis and do not occur naturally in foods in this form. However, the chemical structure of these flavors is identical to flavors found in nature. These flavors are produced, for example, by acetylation or esterification.

Natural flavors

Natural flavor is derived from naturally occurring plant or animal raw materials. Thus, the starting material may be apples, wood, coffee or cinnamon. Physical, enzymatic or microbiological production processes such as blending, pressing or fermentation turn them into intense flavors. In the ingredients list, these flavors are listed as “natural flavors”.

95:5 Flavors

95:5 Flavors are among the natural flavors. Ninety-five percent by weight must come from the named source. Only 5% by weight may come from other sources to round out (not enhance) the flavor. These flavors are declared, for example, as follows: “Natural ginger flavor”.

Flavors are usually provided with a carrier, as they are enormously intense. Carriers facilitate the dosage. For example, starch, alcohol or lactose are used.

The use of flavorings in the EU is defined in Directive No. 2232/96. Each aroma goes through a review process before it makes it onto a positive list.

Essential oils

We have some teas in our assortment that have been flavored by means of essential oils. Essential oils are pure plant substances obtained by cold pressing, extraction or distillation.

In addition to teas with flavoring, we also offer a variety of teas without flavoring.

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